California State University, Northridge
Thu Dec 6, 2018 on Facebook
To the Campus Community,

As CSUN Chief of Police Anne Glavin shared last night, CSUN Police is vigorously investigating a threat of a mass shooting and other hate-filled language and symbols written on the walls of several academic buildings. At this time, there is no indication that the threat of a mass shooting is credible, and there is no indication of an imminent threat to campus. While we cannot share specifics in order to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation, this matter has our utmost attention. Please be assured that we are taking every step to ensure the safety of our campus community, including increasing patrols across campus and collaborating with other law enforcement partners.

Based on a threat assessment and current circumstances, classes remain in session, and finals will continue as planned. For those in our community who are particularly impacted by this threat and the hate-filled language, I encourage you to speak to your instructors or supervisor about any request for academic or work adjustment. Additionally, CSUN will be evaluating what accommodations may be needed for students as they head into finals. We will closely watch the situation and communicate with students and employees should we need to make changes relating to finals and the status of campus.

It saddens and angers me that the hate and threat of violence affecting colleges, universities and communities nationwide has come to CSUN. There is no place at CSUN for this cowardly act that seeks to intimidate. Students learning in a safe and supportive environment is our top priority. In addition to the increased police patrols, I am asking all administrators and campus leaders to be visible on campus today and in the days to come.

I can assure you that CSUN Police is entirely focused on the safety of our campus. We all play a role in reporting suspicious activity and crimes. We must also fight hate at every turn and not allow it to take root, fester or spread. We must rise above and not allow the actions of the intolerant few to deter us from our noble goals and the pursuit of knowledge and inclusive excellence.

I retain my faith in our community and in our highly capable professional police force to protect our campus. We are working tirelessly to ensure our campus is safe. As we learn more, we will provide updates.


Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D.

*This message was also sent to campus via email.