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University Library
CSUN University Library
The University Library, at the center of campus, is packed with features. On the first floor is the Learning Commons, which is a multifunctional and flexible learning space featuring CSUN's coffeehouse Freudian Sip, comfortable seating, computer stations and many more useful resources. The Creative Maker Studio, also on the first floor, is where you can check out photography and video equipment, and design and editing software. It also offers a sewing room, a virtual reality room, a production room, 3D printers and a recording studio. The Teacher Curriculum Center, on the second floor, is a K-12 curriculum materials library. The Learning Center, where you can sign up for tutoring, supplemental courses, workshops, test-prep sessions and more, is on the third floor.

If you're wondering why the building looks so familiar, the library has been featured prominently in several Hollywood movies and TV shows. The library was used as Starfleet Academy in J.J. Abrams's "Star Trek" and a high school for teenage superheroes in the movie "Sky High."