Saving the Reefs - - Peter Edmunds

Tue Jun 19, 2018
Amidst dire reports about the health of the world’s coral reefs, California State University, Northridge marine biologist Peter Edmunds and a team of researchers have found coral reel “oases” that provide hope that all is not lost for these beautiful ecosystems.Edmunds and his colleagues have developed a framework for identifying specific coral reefs, oases, in the world’s ocean where corals appear to be thriving. They hope their findings will encourage further study into why these small communities of corals are surviving while so many more are not, and inspire efforts to identify similar “oases” in other ecosystems.Resources: CSUN College of Science and MathCrew: Filmed by: Rachael Howery and Edson Santos-Davila Edited by: Edson Santos-Davila Music by: The Music Bed (licensed with permission)© 2018 California State University, Northridge