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Nonrestrictive Registration Ends, Summer 2024, Session 3

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
11:59 PM
  • Location
    Online Self Service Registration
  • Description
    .... Summer Session 3 Dates

    * Nonrestrictive Registrationfor Summer Session 3 ends July 9, 2024. * Session 3 'late' registration and wait listing for closed classes continue online through Friday, July 19. * Classes end Aug. 20.

    For help enrolling, visit the Summer Appointment/Enrollment How-To Guide [1].

    Find more state-support dates and info in the Summer Term 2024 Registration Calendar [2].

    .... About Permission Numbers

    * If you are enrolling in a special, year-round cohort program, you may need a permission number [3] to add classes at all times. Please check with your program coordinator. * Visiting students, to add a class, please request a permission number from the instructor or the department offering the course. Contact the Tseng College [4] for assistance.

    .... Money Matters

    * Most CSUN students: Be sure to pay state-support summer tuition and other fees [5] by the state summer payment due dates [6]. * Visiting students: Different course fees and payment due dates are available at Tseng College Summer Session 2024 (extension self support) [7].

    [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
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